About Me

Charleston Wedding Photographer, Charleston Portrait Photographer, Reese Allen Photography:

I began my career in 1996 as a large format photographer and printer.  I lugged an 8×10 view camera across the country documenting America and developing my technical skill as a photographer and artist.  During this time I recognized a few “rules” of photography:  if someone else is standing next to you photographing the same thing, then you’re probably in the wrong place!  Second, if you aren’t getting questioned by someone about what you’re doing, then you’re probably not doing it right!  Amazing photographs generally require a unique perspective, an intimacy with the subject or technical proficiency combined with the perfect moment.


After exhibiting photography, sculpture and installation art in the Miami area, I began working in “the industry”  and worked for companies like Coca-Cola, Samsung and Intercontinental Hotel Group, as well as, gaining experience as an editorial photographer.  A typical day involved shooting an interior in the morning, food and a brilliant chef in the afternoon, followed by a portrait of Lionel Richie for Def Jam records that night.  However, something was missing.  I never had a CEO cry while looking at my advertising images!


I moved to Charleston in 2006 and love the city!  While I continue to land assignments shooting fashion, lifestyle and advertising, nothing is more rewarding than seeing Mom cry looking at the portraits of their little ones or hearing a wedding couple tell me they look at their album everyday!  That’s addictive!


I continue to learn everyday and am excited knowing that with every portrait and wedding, I am ready to take the best image ever captured!  All my past experience and hard work has proved invaluable in defining my “editorial” style which tells your story in pictures.  But enough about me, it’s really all about “the pictures”.