Charleston Fine-Art Wedding and Portrait Photographers

I LOVE getting the chance to spend the day photographing weddings and portraits to tell stories that will be shared fifty years from now.

I continue to believe that in 1/500th of a second, a photograph can capture a moment in time that shows pure love.

If you are merely looking for a photographer with a "good camera" and shopping prices, then we are probably not a good fit.

If you can spend hours looking at a shoebox of photographs taken in 1945 and apprecaite the difference between those tactile images and a Facebook gallery, then we are probably the photographers for you. We are the studios that artists, designers and other photographers hire to shoot their photos.

I did my first wedding 20 years ago with a Hasselblad Medium Format film camera, developed the negatives by hand and printed the album in my closet converted to a darkroom. While times have changed and digital has evolved, those experiences where every shot counted, were important part in learning about light, posing and the patience required to capture those perfect moments.

I promise to do my very best to capture every poetic moment, take advantage of the cinematic light streaming through window and grab you at sunset for portraits near the dusty road which creates a "mist" with every passing car.

I believe that beyond the copied Pinterest cliches there lies an authentic moment or artistic composition that is my responsibility to capture or create. Your photos should also include those simple yet beautiful portraits of you with your sister and Mom, as well as the grooms expression when he see's you for the first time in your dress.

Your wedding photographs and portraits should look at home next to the mid-century documentary gallery exhibit and also on the pages of Vanity Fair magazine. The best photography just looks different, it has a soul and tells a story in a single frame.

I am looking forward to learning all about you and doing my very best to tell your story.